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Shit the Signs Say When They've Taken Someone Captive


Aries- Idk, I thought this would be a little more interesting. Now that you’re tied up, I’m a little bit bored. I’m going out.

Taurus- That was way harder than I thought it would be. Just stay her a sec,heh. I gotta go get an energy drink.

Gemini- *slaps you* WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF…

Gemini is kinda ironic for me because my birthday is on the first. 😳


If this shit ain’t swag, I don’t know what is. My baby is literally 17! From that cute little puff ball to this grown ass man. I really love this guy. Call me crazy if you want, I skipped school several times to see him at 106&Park, and was real crazy for them then. From roc_e to spiffy_tho, to doublerbandz, I totally cherish all the moments with you and the whole 9 yards. #RocAnthem #InSpiffyWeTrust #LuhYouLilNigga

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