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Tonight was the best,and worst! Prince literally left me speechless when he did this one move, where he was grinding then he started twirling the mic in front of Harvard. Then during the m&g, they were singing jodeci(freakin you). When I walked up to roc he was dancing and I kinda stood in front of him(so it was awkward). Then prince was humping the wall, I was so done. They were really hype. I got a pic with Kenneth, and it was just nice. The only problem was the unorganization. But overall it was great. (I think roc was high tho)

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How rape trials should go?

  • Lawyer:

    Did he rape her?

  • Witness:

    Yes, but she was drunk and passed out.

  • Lawyer:

    That's not what I asked. Did he rape her?

  • Witness:

    Yes, but she was wearin-

  • Lawyer:

    I didn't ask what she was wearing. Did he rape her?

  • Witness:

    Yes, but-

  • Lawyer:

    I didn't ask anything else. It's just a simple yes or no answer. Did he rape her?

  • Witness:


  • Laywer:

    Yes, he raped her.

  • Rape is rape is rape, no matter the context.


When you kiss your teeth at your parents then try to play it off




Congratulations to Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy they are celebrating yet another year of extraordinary success.For the fifth year in a row, all 240 seniors at the all-African-American-male high school have earned acceptance letters into a four-year college or university!!!!!

On Tuesday, the Class of 2014 celebrated their  momentous occasion during a traditional ceremony where they exchanged their red uniform ties for a red-and-gold striped tie - a tradition done in observance of their achievement. 

“The tie represents to me moving on from a boy to becoming a young man and actually doing something with my life,” graduating senior Dumar Harris told NBC Chicago. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel attended the ceremony Tuesday to give the students a few encouraging words. Dwayne Wade has also donated $10,000 through his foundation, Wade’s World.

Yearly Chicago events I can’t wait for.

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